Mamá Lycha

Over 350 Products

Mamá Lycha® specializes in the manufacturing, importing, and distribution of Latin American and International food.

We have an extensive portfolio of over 350 products ranging from Mamá Lycha® brand Salvadorean Red Beans, Latin American Sour Creams, Cheeses, and Corn Tamales to leading national brands from El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, and more.

Mamá Lycha Fish Specials

Dried Snapper and Dried Mackerel are simple and easy to prepare meals during lent. These dried fish can be prepared several different ways. One of them is a traditional Salvadorean dish where the fish is fried with egg.

Sabores Jocote y Marañon

In Frutilandia you’ll find the best products of Mamá Lycha. Prepare a fruit soda for hot summer days. This fruit drink is prepared using frozen Jocote and Marañon fruits. This delight is going to be your new favorite! The fruits are completely natural. Mama Lychá a tradition in flavor!

Sabores Lenguitas

Start your mornings with flavors of Mamá Lycha. We have the Lenguitas that are delicious! Mamá Lycha has a delicious Honduran bread line, the consistency of the bread doesn’t fall apart when dipped in coffee. Use these to make a spectacular dessert. All you need is Lenguitas Mamá Lycha!

Sabores Pacaya

Frutilandia has all the variety of Mamá Lycha products. We present a Salvadoran recipe that uses Pacaya. This very rich classic recipe fills Pacaya with grated Mamá Lycha cheese. Like chiles rellenos, the Pacaya is fried and served in a delicious salsa sauce. Mamá Lycha a tradition in flavor!